Enhancing education and connections within the Web3 Changemakers of Tomorrow

Why we exist
We exist to fill the void between web3 people, creators, entrepreneurs and investors. Whilst we are more connected than ever before in the digital world we are also extremely disconnected interacting behind screens. MeetaClub acts as an aggregator for innovation, creativity and ambition facilitating the reconnection between humans through unique experiences in the form of events.
Who are we & What we do
Since Web3 has developed we have improved on several different aspects, evolving unique skills into a new digital era. One of the most recurring phenomena is that human interactions have become more impersonal and disconnected. We decided to take this interesting and very physical aspect to create a connection with what is digital, in particular with the emerging Web3 technologies.

We create a space where different types of people can shape themselves by interacting with each other and developing or growing new values and ways of thinking or looking at things. 
We give birth to meaningful connections between creators and the world of Web3. We design a centred space in a decentralised system where creators, crypto nerds and investors or entrepreneurs can share their opinions and coexist with each other, initiating a new appealing process of analysis and revolutionary collaboration.
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    Working closely in an environment with visionary artists, creators, builders and entrepreneurs we believe its key to provide the tools to ensure that our community members feel confident and strong in what they do.
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    We cannot do this alone, being focused on community, another one of our key values is a collaborative spirit and being open to new friendships, partnerships and possibilities.
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    Our values are based on the community. Following the old African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”, we believe the same values apply to being a creator, entrepreneur or builder in web3. Through connections we can grow...
Our goal is to be a central hub in a decentralised space where people come to connect and grow through engaging with a variety of characters which they would normally not encounter. To be the central connection point within the web3 ecosystem for meaningful connections and accelerated growth, where people find purpose and partners empowering creatives to create, builders to build and entrepreneurs to keep their flow. We aim to facilitate these connections in a natural, fluid and insightful manner through events focused on the human connections as well as the business and financial connection, ensuring the best match between participants.